3D monitoring of cell movement through Collagen I

The transition from non-invasive phenotype to invasive phenotype of tumor cells marks the switch from a benign tumor to a more malignant form of cancer. Understanding the mechanisms underlying this hallmark event, which enables tumor cells to invade through Extracellular matrix, is critical for discovering pathways and new targets to develop anti-metastatic strategies. In a previous post, A 96-well Invasion Assay Compatible with High Content Screening, I introduced a technology called Oris™ assays, which employs exclusion zone technology to facilitate unambiguous monitoring of cell migration from the periphery into a central circular detection zone. This assay is a high-throughput assay, but compatible with adherent cells only.  Today I’d like to introduce a new 3D Embedded Invasion Assay, compatible with both non-adherent and adherent cells.

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