Facebook Summer Quizz from June 29th to July 5th 2015!

tebu-bio may have been around in Life Sciences for over 60 years, but we’re a young-minded company. Every day, we seek to innovate and meet our customer’s needs… YOUR needs! Finding new products, new techniques is great but it’s essential to share them with you. How well do you know our company….? 

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with tebu-bio!

Be patient, Valentine’s day will soon be here to brighten the winter season…

To count down the days leading up to Saturday, why don’t you try your luck with tebu-bio’s new Facebook game?  You might win some chocolates… the real thing, not virtual ones !

Valentine 2015


















Why should Advent Calendars only be for kids?

Winter is coming. It’s getting colder, days are getting shorter… and Christmas might still seem a long way off (or maybe not long enough if there’s still all the shopping to be done!).

Bring some light and festive happiness to your day and get into the seasonal spirit!  Scratch a window every day in December on tebu-bio’s virtual Advent Calendar and you might win some chocolates (the real thing, not virtual ones though!).

And… in good tradition, on Christmas Eve there will be a big box for the final happy winner…

Advent Calendar