9 pathway-specific screening assays in Immunotherapy

The immune system is a system of cells and organs whose function is to defend an organism from foreign pathogens. With the ability to mount a response against virtually any foreign material and return to a quiescent state following neutralization of the threat, this fascinating organ system displays remarkable specificity and plasticity. To achieve this, there is a multifaceted balancing act between the many activators and suppressors which maintains homeostasis of the body’s perhaps most complex organ system.

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Immunotherapy Screening – B7-1 / CD28 and B7-1 / CTLA4 Pathways in Drug Discovery

The treatment of diseases by inducing, enhancing, or surpressing an immune response is referred to as Immunotherapy. T-cell activation and inactivation requires the coordination of various co-inhibitory and co-stimulatory signals and most immunotherapies modulate these signals.

Therapeutic manipulation of immunopathways has lead to promising clinical results for the treatment of a number of diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases. Research in this field is rapidly evolving as scientists seek to identify the next generation of therapies.

In the first post of a series of three,  I will describe the B7-1 : CD28 and B7-1 : CTLA4 pathways and summarize the portfolio of tools currently available to researchers to investigate these pathways. In fact, these are the first kits on the market to screen for inhibitors of these pathways. [Read more…]