Focus on apolipoproteins


Role of apolipoproteins in different diseases.

Apolipoproteins, with amphipathic properties, form lipoprotein particles with phospholipids and transport hydrophobic lipids through lymphatic and blood circulations to designated peripheral tissues or organs for energy supply, biomolecule synthesis, or degradation. Off-balance of apolipoproteins has been implicated in numerous diseases such as SLE, myocardial infarction, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Apolipoproteins emerge as risk markers to pinpoint different diseases.

For Cardiovascular diseases, apoF and apoB seem to have a predominant role. [Read more…]

1st Symposium on Biomedical Research IIBM-Facultad de Medicina | March 21, 2014

Meet Ana Arratzio, our sales manager for antibodies and arrays and Franck Chevalier, our cell specialist at the first Symposium on Biomedical Research.

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