High resolution structure of the TRPA1 channel protein

One of the hottest news last month was the high resolution structure of the TRPA1 ion channel protein.

Immunohistochemical staining of TRPA1 on mouse intestine with TRPA1 polyclonal antibody (Cat. nr 157PAB11992)

IHC staining on mouse intestine with TRPA1 polyclonal antibody (Cat. nr 157PAB11992). Source: Abnova | tebu-bio.

TRPA1 is a sensor for environmental noxious agents or signaling molecules produced endogenously. The structure was solved in the presence of agonist and antagonist ligands by using single-particle electron cryo-microscopy. (1)

This smart experimental method, which has revealed several unexpected TRPA1 structural features, shows that structural  information thus discovered might greatly assist Life Researchers in the design of better antagonists which will represent the next generation analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents.

Interestingly, several TRPA1-related agents are now well characterized for further in vitro characterization.

Several useful agents for studying TRPA1 channels are available:

  • TRPA1 antagonist HC-030031 inhibits the ion channel (cat. nr 21910-1065)
  • TRPA1 antagonist A-967079 is a cell permeable TRPA1 blocker  (cat. nr 21910-1055)

    Immunogen part (green) from the 4th cystoplasmic loop of the human TRPA1 used to produce human TRPA1 specific antibody (Cat. nr OSR00130W)

    Human TRPA1 modelization. The synthetic from the 4th cytoplasmic loop of human TRPA1 (highlighted in green) was used as the antigen to produce the highly specific human TRPA1 antibody (Cat. nr 214OSR00130W). Source: Osenses | tebu-bio.

  • TRPA1 antagonist AP-18 is a selective TRPA1 channel blocker (cat. nr 21910-1127)
  • TRPA1 agonist Polygodial displays analgesic activity via desensitization of sensory neurons (cat. nr 21910-1145)


Thanks to our friends from Focus Biomolecules for this post !

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