tebu-bio signs European agreement for Epicentre® brand

tebu-bio secures pan-European distribution deal for Illumina’s Epicentre brand

epicentretebu-bio, a pan-European company specialized in providing innovative reagents and laboratory services in Life Sciences, has signed a distribution deal with Illumina®, Inc. to distribute the company’s Epicentre® brand. Until this year, tebu-bio had exclusive rights to distribute Epicentre® products in France alone, however this new deal will allow customers throughout Europe to purchase from tebu-bio. While Illumina’s primary business is in maintaining their dominant position in the sequencing machine market, this Epicentre® brand includes a collection of innovative and unique kits and enzymes used in molecular biology. Many of these enzymes are used in the preparation of DNASeq and RNASeq libraries to be sequenced on Illumina machines.

tebu-bio’s expertise in temperature-sensitive shipping logistics and long history of supplying consumable reagents to European life science researchers were factors that allowed for this deal to take place. While most European life science reagent distributors have a single office and service a single country, tebu-bio has local language offices throughout Europe while using the French headquarters to coordinate shipping logistics, perform R&D and outsourced laboratory services.

tebu-bio’s headquarters in Le Perray, France:

In addition to the Epicentre® brand tebu-bio, distributes a large number of innovative research products from selected vendors. Due to this large offer, tebu-bio is able to employ a sizeable team of PhD-level technical specialists stationed throughout Europe. Life sciences researchers doing molecular biology or genome sequencing work are encouraged to contact their local office to discuss their project with a specialist who will help optimize purchasing of Epicentre® products together with those of other brands to greatly reduce shipping costs.

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