HD-LCI video of HUVEC Transfection with Cytofect Kit

See human cells glow with green fluorescent protein in this time-lapse video. These images were captured over 20 hours via Lumascope 620.


High Definition Live Cell Imaging (HD-LCI) was used to visualize real time expression of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) after transient transfection using the Cytofect™ HUVEC Transfection Kit .

The HUVEC cells light up green due to the intracellular expression of GFP protein. Cytofect™ transfection reagent successfully delivered GFP-expressing vector into the cells, with protein detected as little as 3 hours post-transfection, compared to the 12+ hours often seen with traditional reagents.

No significant cell death was observed post-transfection, a crucial indication of very low toxicity for potentially sensitive primary cells. The cells remained motile during the entire course of experiment, further indicating optimal cell health.

Time-series imaging was performed in a humidified incubator set to 5% CO2 / 37°C using a Lumascope 620 microscope (Etaluma). LED setup t = 1 sec, F2: lum=6%, g=112%, exposure = 869 units, 1 frame/2 mins.

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