7 popular phospho-specific antibodies

Whatever the research domain (oncology, cardiovascular diseases, Diabetis/obesity, inflammation, autoimmune disorders…), phosphorylation study is essential when looking for activation of cell signaling pathways. In 2014, we strived to bring researchers practical technical tips to obtain reliable results when analysing phospho-proteins. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at 7 popular and robust phospho-specific antibodies.

Phosphorylation is based on the addition of a Phosphate group by a specific kinase to a protein (Serine (S), Tyrosine (Y), and threonine (T)). Kinase activities are counter-balanced by phosphatases. The phosphorylation status of the targeted protein regulates its function (phosphoregulation) and thus drives cellular signaling pathways (JAK/STAT, Calcineurin/NFAT, NFkB, Autophagy, AKT, Notch, VEGF-ANG…).

We saw in previous posts that the detection of phosphorylated targets with great precision is sometimes tricky (5 tips for phosphorylated protein Western blotEnhance phospho-protein identification and recovery for Western blot…).

The choice of phospho antibodies and phospho reagents for immuno-based applications is crucial. With the help of our partners Rockland Immunochemicals and Enogen, here’s a selection of the most popular phospho-antibodies used by researchers all over the world.

Are you looking for phosho-antibodies 100% guaranteed for their applications? In Europe, tebu-bio’s experts will help you in choosing and using the most appropriate solutions for your phosphorylation studies!


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