Illumina® to re-brand Epicentre® Sequencing Products

Epicentre® (an Illumina company) founded in 1987, has been bringing innovative enzymes and kits to the molecular biology, RNA biology, and sequencing communities for decades. In 2011, Epicentre® was acquired by Illumina®, Inc. largely for access to the Nextera™ technology, a great technological advance for DNASeq library prep, quickly rebranded as an Illumina® product. But what about other well-known Epicentre® brands?

Epicentre-Illumina sequencing rebranding.

Epicentre-Illumina sequencing rebranding.

According to an announcement on Epicentre’s website, a similar re-branding of additional products used by the sequencing community is currently underway. Ribo-zero™, ScriptSeq™, Globin-Zero™, ARTseq™, and EpiGnome™ products are available as Illumina® products starting January 16, 2015. European researchers will be able to continue to purchase the Epicentre® brand sequencing products from their local distributor (including tebu-bio) only until March 31, 2015.  It is unclear if Illumina® will adjust the prices of kits like the Ribo-zero™ rRNA depletion kits as their website currently does not display prices. Some information posted by researchers in public forums suggests that customers might pay different prices for Illumina® products depending on their purchase history and geographic location.

This re-branding of sequencing products certainly is not the end of Epicentre® in the world of DNA sequencing. Many of the re-branded kits are composed of Epicentre® molecular biology enzymes, and users are actively creating their own sequencing protocols that make use of these enzymes.

Popular Epicentre® molecular biology kits

The remaining Epicentre® portfolio contains an abundance of unique and innovative products used by members of the genomics, molecular biology, and RNA biology communities.

  • Sequence platform customers will continue to purchase Epicentre®-brand FailSafe™ enzymes required for use with the ScriptSeq™ kits and also the very popular TargetAmp™ Kits for enrichment of polyadenylated RNA. The FailSafe™ system is an excellent for PCR optimization for individuals wishing to validate genomic DNASeq SNP results via Sanger sequencing.

    Epicentre's QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction

    Epicentre’s QuickExtract™ experimental flow.

  • Buccal DNA samples collected with the iSWAB™-DNA Collection Kits from Mawi DNA Technologies and purified using Epicentre’s QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution can be used in large genomic studies to quickly produce PCR-ready DNA.
  • The MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR is powerful enough to be used for reverse transcription on a single cell or as little as 10pg of Total RNA.
  • The MasterPure™ DNA Purification Kits are a simple column-free and organic solvent-free way to purifie DNA.
  • Ribonuclease R (RNase R) from E. coli is a Mg-dependent 3´to 5´ exoribonuclease that digests almost all linear RNAs but not lariat or circular RNA structures or doublestranded RNA with 3´ overhangs shorter than seven nucleotides.
  • Exonuclease I digests ssDNA in a 3´to 5´ direction, but not dsDNA and is active under a wide variety of buffer conditions and can be heat inactivated.

Finally, many users find it economical to purchase the Epicentre® enzymes in bulk and order custom oligonucleotides from a quality provider such as Trilink Biotech who is able to make complex modified oligonucleotides, with index sequences and truly randomized bases (see TriLink’s OligoBuilder®). For these users creating their own protocols, ordering an off-the-shelf kit is not a possibility.

Looking for robust enzymes or flexible solutions in molecular biology ? Collecting DNA for large genomic studies? If you are seeking the finest molecular biology reagents or custom services, you might consider contacting me to learn more about Epicentre® products! Just leave any questions or comments below.

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