tebu-bio now distributes Epicentre-Illumina throughout Europe

tebu-bio’s 9 local offices throughout Europe have been bringing innovations to life science researchers for decades. For the past 8+ years, the company’s headquarters in France has served as the exclusive French distributor for Epicentre® Biotechnologies, a US-based company well-known for its unique enzymes and technologies for RNA biology work and Next Generation Sequencing Library prep. As of January 1, 2015, tebu-bio will be distributing Epicentre® products throughout Europe*.

tebu-bio is actively present throughout Europeepicentre_biotechnologies-tebu-bio-20120808162728

Among the most innovative Epicentre® products are those used for so called “tagmentation”, a process that allows researchers to produce libraries for DNASeq and RNASeq much more quickly. Indeed, Illumina®’s acquistion of Epicentre® and the company’s Nextera® DNASeq library prep kits was undoubtedly motivated by this recognized advantage. Similarly Epicentre®’s ScriptSeq Kits have reduced the time required to prepare RNASeq libraries from days to hours using a patented terminal tagging process. While kits and Ribo-Zero™ brand rRNA removal kits are extremely popular with sequencing platforms, RNA biologists and scientists wishing to customize their library prep rely heavily on Epicentre for their innovative enzymes.

For example, groups have published how one can use Epicentre®’s Ez-Tn5™ transposase enzyme to produce high quality DNASeq libraries. (see: doi:10.1101/gr.177881.114). Similarly, this enzyme is useful for tagmentation-based whole genome bisulfite sequencing for epigenetic studies, particularly when very little DNA is available (see: doi:10.1038/nprot.2013.118 and doi:10.1101/gr.136242.111).

Epicentre®’s CircLigase™ II is another favorite of researchers as it is able to attach the 5′ end of a single-stranded DNA molecule to it’s own 3′ end to allow so called rolling-circle replication and transcription for protocols such as iCLIP. Similarly, Epicentre®’s End-It™ DNA Repair and Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kits are useful for molecular biology work and library prep as they allow for the blunting and ligation of noncompatible or damaged double stranded DNA overhangs.

Epicentre®’s recent discontinuation of tobacco acid pyrophosphatase (TAP) has served as a reminder of how this company has routinely brought innovative enzymes to the RNA biology community. Among the hidden gems not yet discovered by many researchers are Epicentre®’s MasterPure™ DNA and RNA Purification Kits which function similar to TRIzol® in that they purify DNA or RNA without columns and yet they do not require dangerous organic solvents. Epicentre®’s MonsterScript™ RT Kits that compete with Superscript® III, are also worth trying.

tebu-bio’s distribution of the Epicentre® brand throughout Europe will create some unique bundling opportunities for European customers. Rather than purchasing a single enzyme from each supplier and paying for dry ice shipping multiple times, customers will be able to combine purchases from tebu-bio’s list of hundreds of brands. In particular, many of tebu-bio’s existing Epicentre® customers request combined quotes for enzymes and high quality custom modified oligonucleotides produced by TriLink™ Biotechnologies.

*Update May 6, 2015: tebu-bio’s distribution agreement of Epicentre® (an Illumina company) products includes Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Poland Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

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