New 3D-gene® miRNA and mRNA expression profiling service

Recently, tebu-bio and Toray reached agreement for miRNA and mRNA profiling lab services. Already recognised as a European service provider in genomics, proteomics and cell-based assays, tebu-bio now brings European researchers access to Toray’s 3D-Gene® microRNA and mRNA profiling technology, offered through lab services.

During recent lab collaboration sessions, Toray’s 3D-gene® experts and tebu-bio’s lab staff shared their experiences and skills regarding miR and mRNA profiling technologies. A nice opportunity for me to ask Hideo Akiyama, PhD (Deputy General Manager – New Projects Development Division at Toray Industries, Inc.) 3 questions regarding the power of this “3D-gene® black resin” for microarray analysis.

Toray Logo through tebu-bio in Europe

Philippe – tebu-bio : Over recent years, your research activities at Toray Industries have been focused on the improved mRNA and miRNA microarray detection. Could you please describe your recent developments aimed at raising microarray performance and reproducibility?

Toray's 3D-Gene sensitive and accurate miRNA and mRNA microarray service by tebu-bio

Click on the image to discover the benefits of tebu-bio’s lab miRNA & mRNA expression profiling service with Toray’s 3D-gene®.

Hideo – Toray Industries, Inc. : In a new approach pioneered by Toray, the microarray is composed of a black resin that significantly reduces background fluorescence, while probes are attached to three dimensional microcolumns on the surface (3D-Gene® microarrays). In combination, these factors precisely define the spot morphology. The columns are also surrounded by microbeads that are encapsulated on the chip and can be agitated to ensure homogenous sample distribution during the hybridisation process.

These properties maximise signal-to-noise ratio and increase accuracy, reproducibility and sensitivity. The 3D-Gene® chips are capable of a high level of precision at concentrations as low as 0.1 attomole for miRNA, avoiding possible biases generated by miRNA amplification steps and raising data accuracy. This will be especially interesting to those requiring detection of low abundance microRNA targets in samples.

Philippe : In your opinion, what does mRNA or miRNA profiling with Toray’s  3D-Gene® technology bring to medical research ?

Hideo : The new 3D-Gene® microarray products utilise several unique features to improve sensitivity and accuracy in biomarker discovery, providing the perfect platform for working with low abundance targets such as microRNAs (miRNAs), or challenging samples such as cell pellets, Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) samples, tissues, cell conditioned media, serum or plasma.

Also, and to further raise data quality, we launch our own unique RNA extraction reagent from serum and plasma, which can completely avoid DNA contamination.

Philippe : Why did you decided to collaborate with tebu-bio in Europe?

Hideo : Since I discussed with you all several times, I am very impressed how you are communicating with customers and how you operate at the lab. This is the main reason why we decided to collaborate with tebu-bio. Customer satisfaction must be always our top priority. Now I am very much confident that we can enhance our joint efforts to bring up our customer needs. Additionally you have your branch over Europe to make sure to have very close communication with each customer and you are accredited to ISO 9001 quality management standard, guaranteeing the highest quality of sample handling and scientific support.

A big thank you to Hideo for his time and explanations!

Well, now that tebu-bio’s lab staff has been trained by Toray’s 3D-gene® experts to perform miRNA and mRNA expression studies from miRNA / mRNA preps to data acquisition, I am impressed with this latest addition to the tebu-bio technology portfolio and range of services offered to European researchers.

Are you looking for a unique but convenient and sensitive approach to discover new markers?

The addition of Toray’s 3D-gene® technology in the core competencies of tebu-bio laboratories bring new opportunities to European researchers to discover novel biomarkers. Whatever your domain of research, tebu-bio is the only European platform able to perform expression profiling services for miRNA, mRNA or proteins.

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