Elite Antibodies for Zebrafish Research

As the leading manufacturer of zebrafish antibodies, our partner GeneTex offers an extensive portfolio of reagents validated for use in this model system.

Their expanding catalog of reagents designed expressly for zebrafish research contains more than 600 newly developed zebrafish antibodies and 1400 hatchling products. These antibodies have been tested on zebrafish samples in a variety of applications including, but not limited to, immunofluorescence microscopy, immunohistochemistry microscopy, and western blot.


What can I do with Zebrafish markers?

Zebrafish markers can be used for three functions:  as tissue specific markers, additional targets and positive controls.

Tissue-specific Markers for Immunochemistry

ZebraHere are a few of the main antibodies for tissue studies:

  • muscle marker: acta2 antibody (GTX128981),
  • mitochondria marker: Cox4I1 antibody (GTX124479)
  • neuron marker: elavl4 antibody (GTX124422)
  • cell proliferation marker: pcna antibody (GTX124496)

 Additional Targets for Whole Mount Immunochemistry


  • rabbit polyclonal antibody to vmhc (ventricular myosin heavy chain): GTX127331
  • rabbit polyclonal antibody to sox10: GTX128374

Positive Controls for Western Blotting

These antibodies can be used like positive controls in your western blots:Capture-1

  • anti tuba1l: a rabbit polyclonal to tuba1l(GTX124303)
  • anti pcna: a rabbit polyclonal antibody to pcna (GTX124496)

What if I need a specific zebrafish antibody?

Contact our specialists:

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