2nd workshop dedicated to VenaFlux – June 5th-6th

tebu-bio & Cellix are pleased to invite you to their 2nd workshop dedicated to the VenaFlux platform. This workshop will be structured around both theoretical presentations and practical sessions.

Workshop VenafluxThe presentations will not only cover introduction of our biochips, pumping solutions and analysis software, which enable to accurately mimic shear stress/shear flow rates found in vivo,  but also presentations by users giving concrete data on cell rolling, adhesion and migration to antibody-coated or endothelial cell-cultured microcapillaries under venous or arterial physiological flow.

The lab sessions will be organised at tebu-bio Laboratories and run by Cellix’s experts. We will start with system configuration and assay set-up, following which the attendees will perform two different experiments (see program). After debriefing, the results will be analysed and we will interpretate the data.

To know more: https://sites.google.com/a/tebu-bio.com/2nd-flow-assay-workshop/


  1. Philippe Fixe says:

    17 days until 2nd Flow Based Assays VenaFluw Workshop with Cellix in tebu-bio laboratories! This workshop will take place in Le Perray-en-Yvelines (June 5th-6th, 2014).


  1. […] under “real” oxygen levels (e.g. hypoxia, normoxia, physioxia). For circulating cells, shear stress is a key factor, as cells behave in a different way depending on whether they are cultured under […]

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